Panopta, now known as FortiMonitor, monitors hundreds of thousands of servers around the world on behalf of our customers. If you have ended up on this page, you have probably found the HTTP user agent string of Panopta Monitoring ( in your logs and are wondering why you are seeing requests to your server. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

Regardless, we respect the wishes of site owners and make it easy to remove your site from of our system – just send an email with your domain name and any subdomains, hostnames, or aliases related to this traffic you are seeting to  to request this. Please use the Subject "Fortimonitor Checks" in your email.

To verify site ownership and to avoid disruptions for our customers' service, the request needs to be sent from either an address at the same domain name or one of the contacts listed in the WHOIS records for the domain in question.

For more information about FortiMonitor, visit our documentation